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activitiesAt the core of Bordeaux airport business : passenger transport. Besides that, various related activities represent significant components of the airport economy, starting with commercial and services activities and the transport of goods. The economic impact of Bordeaux Airport's activities on the Aquitaine region is estimated to be €1.508 billion per year.


Commercial passenger transport is provided by some twenty airlines and by the seasonal charters of tourism professionals. Passengers departing from Bordeaux mainly come from Aquitaine and the Greater Southwest.
Numbers of passengers/year
2010: 3,664,000
2011: 4,117,000
2012: 4,380,000
2013: 4,574,000
2014: 4,952,000

General aviation
General aviation groups together the activities of transport on demand, light aviation and helicopter providers (excluding official services transport). In 2008, it represented nearly 10,000 flights, the vast majority of them in mainland France. From one year to another, this transport on demand activity also sees its traffic correspond to the region's major events, such as Vinexpo.



Tonnage of freight/year
2008: 32,080
2009: 25,375
2010: 31,142
2011: 28,589
2012: 28,066

Humanitarian freight
Bordeaux Mérignac Airport is home to the logistics platform that provides supplies for the assignments of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on its structural programs and emergency interventions (displaced populations, epidemics, natural disasters, warfare surgery), and offers its services to other humanitarian organizations.



Extra-aeronautical activities are those of commercial, industrial and services companies present on the airport's premises, and services related to air transport, provided by the airport: car parks and navette shuttle.



IN 2013:
Turnover: €62.5 million
Investments: €9 million

credit photo: APPA