The air

The airTo provide better knowledge of air quality on the airport platform, measurements are taken on a regular basis through a partnership with the AIRAQ (accredited association measuring air quality in Aquitaine). Preserving air quality is a constant concern of Bordeaux Airport.


The primary polluting emissions come either from fixed facilities such as heating, air-conditioning or emergency equipment like generating sets, or from mobile sources: passenger and staff vehicles, runway vehicles and equipment and aircraft.

In order to determine their impact and monitor air quality, the AIRAQ takes its measurements both outside and inside the terminals, depending on the pollutants under study and their seasonal variation.

Measuring and analyzing the type and source of pollution remains a difficult task as pollution travels and undergoes chemical transformations.



The continuous improvement programme applied at the airport involves a set of specific measures at various levels:

- stopping the co-generation plant
- improving the regular bus service between the terminals and the tram network
- introducing a corporate mobility plan for the platform's employees
- promoting the expansion of the tramway network to the airport, etc.

The involvement of the airport's partners is also extremely important:
- constant replacement of fleets by airlines
- gradual replacement by runway assistance companies of equipment using fossil energy by electric equipment, etc.



Sustainable Development