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Bordeaux Airport offers to his passengers various car parks adapted to their needs.

Parking rates

Parking rates details

You accompany or come and fetch a close relation ?

- 15 min free are offered on drop off point (PR)
Terminals A, B and billi walking time 1 minute
- 30 min are offered on park P2
Terminals A, B and billi walking time 3 minutes

According to the Traffic rule and the Prefectural order together with VIGIPIRATE measures, we remind you that parking in front of the terminal is strictly forbidden ; your vehicle will be impounded.

You are a passenger or you accompany a passenger with reduced mobility ?

Drop off points
Three points are at your disposal : one on arrivals two on departures. These points are equipped with telephones so as to ask for assistance (disabled parking).
PRM parking spaces are at your disposal on car parks and drop off lanes.

Mind you : you are not allowed to stay more than 5 minutes on these drop off spaces.

You park on week end ?

2 car parks nearby our terminals A, B and billi : With P0 or P2, enjoy our week end offer and take off from Friday morning 00h01 till Monday evening 23h59 and only pay 30 €.

P0 P2

- A half covered car park
1 minute walk from Hall A
- Maximal height: 1m95
- 2 PRM parking spaces

- Outdoor car park
between  2 and 4  minutes  from terminals A, B and billi
- Maximal height: 2m35
- 25 PRM parking spaces

You leave for a stay ?

Use P4 car park
We recommend P4 car park for a stay longer than 4 days.
Free shuttles service between the terminals and P4 (quick and regular -every 20 minutes or according to road traffic-).

You would like to travel serene, make parking simpler and calculate your costs ?

You can book your parking slot online securely on the official airport website

You look for a trolley ?

Trolley-parks are strategically situated within the car-parks and outside the terminals A, B and billi (20 spots all in all).
Trolleys are free. Slip a 1 euro coin into the slot of a trolley to use it, and then retrieve the coin when you return the trolley to one of the especially reserved trolley parks.
If you do not have a 1 euro coin, our information desk will give you one free.

Rules and Regulation ?

Consult Car park rules and regulation at Bordeaux Airport : this document spells out safety rules and the conduct code to be respected by drivers using our car parks and airport lanes.