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MissionsThe State and Bordeaux Mérignac Airport Société Anonyme (SA ADBM) share responsibility for the airport. ADBM SA oversees the fundamental missions that are the core of the airport industry. In addition, it defines and rolls out strategic policies, the basis of the airport platform's sustainable development.




By the terms of the concession signed on 2 May 2007, the State delegated the following tasks to ADBM SA:
- development and maintenance of facilities and equipment
- operation of airport facilities
- management of the airport's premises
- development of air traffic and services
- security assignments
- safety assignments



Quality management
Bordeaux Mérignac Airport was ISO 9001-2000 registered in January 2001. The quality system initiated in 1997 has led to breakthroughs in various areas, and particularly in customer satisfaction awareness and measurement. In 2008, the quality-based management system enabled the airport to introduce a new integrated security management (SGS). Over time, other standards may be adopted in the areas of quality, security, safety and the environment.

Sustainable development
Established nearly a century ago in a zone with little urbanization, 10 km from downtown Bordeaux, Bordeaux Airport wields a strong local and regional economic influence on the development of businesses and employment, with little impact on the environment and local populations. Adhering to a policy that promotes ongoing dialogue and collaboration with its partners, it limits its environmental impact to ensure the sustainable growth of its activities and continue to expand in harmony with its surrounding regions.
The 2010-2013 sustainable development charter developed with the Consultative Commission for the Environment represents a real roadmap for all the airport's partners.

credit photo : APPA