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New flights from Bordeaux

Discover new destinations in 2017 with direct flights from Bordeaux airport. Have a nice trip!


Bordeaux - Ajaccio flight with Air Corsica every wednesday
From 2 july, 2017 to 24 september, 2017

Situated on the west side of the island, this lovely Corsican city offers a glimpse of the most beautiful landscapes on this island paradise. Steeped in history, Ajaccio has succeeded in preserving all its Mediterranean authenticity.
Destination also served by Volotea

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Bordeaux - Alger flight with Aigle Azur every friday
From 16 june, 2017 to 8 september, 2017

Known as "Algiers the white" for its dazzling white buildings, Algiers is the capital city of a new Algeria, in both the literal and figurative sense. With its myriad of narrow streets, this ancient city is fast-paced, enriched by a thriving economic and cultural life in keeping with the Algerian youth.

Destination also served by Air Algerie

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Bordeaux - Bergamo flight with Ryanair every monday, tuesday, thursday and saturday
As of 1st may, 2017

50 km from Milan in Northern Italy, Bergamo is a charming little village that's worth more than just a quick detour.With its Venetian ramparts and great museums full of works by Botticelli and Titian, you can't help but fall for Bergamo. Also known for its cuisine, it has all the ingredients for an Italian paradise.

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Bordeaux - Bucharest flight with Blue Air every wednesday and saturday
As of 3 june, 2017

In the 1930s, Bucharest earned the nickname of “Little Paris”. This Romanian capital hosts a mix of architecture from the Middle Ages to the communist era. Bucharest, is the most inexpensive capital in Europe, and above all, a Francophile city that is a pleasure to stroll around. 

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Bordeaux - Budapest flight with Wizz every monday and friday
As of 22 september 2017

As the gateway to Eastern Europe, the Hungarian capital of Budapest is a member of the exclusive group of cities classed as world heritage sites by UNESCO. A cosmopolitan city, "the pearl of the Danube" is also a major economic and financial centre, attracting a multitude of investors. Budapest will never fail to captivate you....

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Calvi au départ de Bordeaux

Bordeaux - Calvi flight with Air Corsica every wednesday and sunday
From 2 july, 2017 to 24 september, 2017

In North-West Corsica, its old citadel offers a great view over the white sandy bay with turquoise waters and pine forest. Calvi is also not far from the beautiful beaches of Ile Rousse and some picturesque villages, nestled into the inland mountains.

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Bordeaux - Frankfurt flight with Lufthansa every thursday and sunday
From 2 april, 2017 to 28 october, 2017
With Air France every tuesday, thursday and saturday
From 25 july, 2017 to 3 september, 2017 

Known as 'Mainhattan' due to the many skyscrapers in the city's business district, the influence of the fifth largest city in Germany extends over a region containing over 5 million inhabitants. Its historical centre was partially rebuilt after the war, and this, along with its many museums and shops, makes it a pleasant place to live.

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Bordeaux - Hamburg flight with easyJet 3 flights a week
As of 3 june, 2017

“Gateway to the world” is how Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, and above all the third largest port city in Europe, likes to describe itself. The former trade city has become a hive of international economic activity but has remained very green, lulled by the waters of the Elbe and the Alster and situated 110km from where the Elbe flows into the North Sea.

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Bordeaux - Madrid flight with Volotea every monday and friday
As of 14 april, 2017

Madrid, city of sun, capital city, royal city... Welcome to one of the most beautiful European capitals. This Castilian city in the centre of the country and at the heart of the Movida always seems to be bustling, day and night.
Destination also served by Iberia and Iberia Express

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Bordeaux - Malta flight with Volotea every monday and thursday
From 13 april, 2017 to 28 october, 2017

The Maltese archipelago, located some 90 kilometres from Sicily, is one of the Mediterranean's legendary destinations. With sunny skies year-round and an abundance of historic sites, making it a true open-air museum, Malta has conserved traces of the many different cultures that have inhabited the island. 

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Bordeaux - Santorini flight with Volotea until two flights a week
From 31 may, 2017 to 27 september, 2017

The mythical island of Thira forms part of the Santorini archipelago, inviting you to step into the heart of the legend of Atlantis. A true jewel in the Adriatic Sea, where blue and white houses occupy villages clinging to vast red and black cliffs. Santorini's main attraction lies with its ability to fully immerse visitors in 4000 years of Mediterranean culture and history.

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