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Is it possible to reserve a parking space?

Yes, the online booking service is open from 12th November for car parks P0, P1, P2, P4

I am a passenger with reduced mobility, what should I do?

- You are with someone else:
You can be dropped off in the departure and arrival areas, where there are reserved spaces. Two call terminals are available for you to use if you need assistance.

- You are travelling alone:
Let us know when you arrive via the interphone at the car park entrance of your choice. We will let the assistance service know that you are here.

We would like to inform you that "disabled" parking spaces are not available for booking.

A code what for ?
Code is necessary to validate my entrance on car park in case of booking on line : I have to
a) dial my code
b) take my ticket
c) enter car park : barrier will open and e booking will be activated

I got in without using my code ?
Dialing my code activate my e booking
Any entrance without dialing my code and previous to ticket delivery means that my e booking is lost

I saw that the car parks were closed at night. My plane lands at 2am, how can I get to car park P4?

Extended shuttle bus hours are organised according to plane arrivals. 

In which car park can I reserve a space?

P0, P1, P2 and P4 car parks are open for reservation

Why book a car parking space?

To be sure that you can park without any stress during busy periods, to ensure your budget is under control and to prepare your holiday in advance.

How can I book a car parking space?

By connecting to the airport website, then by clicking on "practical information", then "easy parking"

How far in advance should I book?

You can book up to 6 months in advance and up to 24 hours before your planned arrival time at the car park.

On the day of my arrival, how long before my booking time can I access the park?

You can access the car park up to one hour before your reservation time

I was stuck in traffic and I arrived two hours later than my reservation. What should I do?
Can I claim a refund?

Your reservation is for a period of more than 2 hours: you can enter the chosen car park as normal; this does not change the amount paid for your reservation.

Your reservation is for a period of less than 2 hours: your reservation is no longer valid. You can access the car parks according to the usual procedure.

What happens if I go over the reserved the parking period?

A lump sum of €15 will be applied per time bracket of 24 hours. Additionally, it is essential that you allow for a sufficient amount of time between the flight arrival time and your departure from the car park when booking (baggage claim and getting to your car).

If I go over the time allowance, how should I pay the extra charge?

When you exit the car park, you insert your ticket in the machine, followed by your bank card.

Once the payment has been made, a receipt will be provided by the automated machine.

My vehicle is oversized (motor home, caravan, trailer, coach...), can I make a reservation?

Your vehicle should comply with the imposed restrictions, depending on the car park:

P0: 1m95

P1 and P2: 2m30

P4: 2m30

Warning: you cannot use the RESAPARC service if you have an oversized vehicle

I lost my access code when I arrived, what should I do?

You can simply use the interphone at the entrance machine. The customer advisor will help you. 

I can't remember which car park I made my reservation for, what should I do?

You can simply use the interphone at the entrance machine. The customer advisor will help you. 

I lost my car parking ticket when I left...

You can use the interphone so that the customer advisor can check your reservation.

If you are within the reservation deadline, he/she will help you exit the car park.

If you are not within the reservation deadline, you should go to the car parking services and fill in a
"lost ticket" form.

Where are the car parking services located?

The car parking services and access can be found at Hall A, on the arrivals level near exit 1.

Can I use my reservation several times?

No, once in the car park, any exit is final.

We are going away as a group. Can I make one reservation for several vehicles?

No .1 reservation = 1 vehicle = 1 entry = 1 exit...

What are the cancellation terms and conditions?

If you subscribe to the cancellation option beforehand, you can cancel up to 48 hours before the reserved entrance date and time.

Can I amend my reservation?

No, no amendment can be made once validated and paid for.

My ticket is illegible and it's not the first time. What's going on?

In 90% of cases, illegible tickets have been demagnetised when in close proximity with electronic devices, generally speaking, or handbag magnets: be careful.

You can simply use the interphone at the entrance machine. The customer advisor will help me. 

Are the car parks guarded or kept under surveillance?

The car parks are neither guarded nor kept under surveillance. Vehicle owners use this car park at their own risk.  The fees charged are parking fees and not security fees.