Your questions

What does low cost mean?
A low cost airline company is one that offers plane tickets at discounted rates by providing simplified services. These companies do short-haul, point to point flights (no connecting flights) with a very short turnaround time at the airport. Everything is done differently except for security and safety measures, which are exactly the same as with traditional airlines.

What has to be paid for and what is included?

Like traditional airlines, low cost companies offer transport from one airport to another in full safety. However, you can add extra options for your flight: unaccompanied hold baggage, food on board, priority boarding, etc.

How do you get the best prices?

To get the best prices, plan your trips well ahead and book early.

How do you book a low cost ticket?
Low cost airlines do not have retail counters or branches. Bookings can only be made over the internet or by phone.

How do I check in to billi?
First read the airline company's general terms and conditions of transport for the selected flight (check-in times, hand baggage policy, etc...); where possible, check in via the internet before going to the airport. To avoid overcrowding, it is strongly recommended to print out your ticket at home.

• I have not printed out my ticket online,: Go to the airline counter to collect your ticket
• I have printed out my ticket and I have unaccompanied hold baggage: Go to the check-in area, take your luggage to control point X and then go to the area set aside for filters and inspections.
• I have printed out my ticket but I have no unaccompanied hold baggage: Go directly to the control point and to the area set aside for filters and inspections.

How do I find my seat on the plane?

Once you have boarded, the seats are not numbered so you have to sit wherever you can see a free seat with baggage space above it.

Where can I travel to with a low cost airline?

Low cost flights serve France and Europe. They are short-haul chartered flights lasting less than 3 hours. Some are seasonal while others operate all year long.

Are low cost companies less safe than regular companies?
All airline companies registered in Europe are governed by the same European directives. Therefore, low cost companies undergo and answer to the same safety inspections as traditional companies. Their pilots and flight attendants are duly qualified.