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Banque Populaire du Sud Ouest

Present through its108 branches in the Gironde, Landes and Pyrénées
Atlantique, the Banque Populaire du Sud-Ouest is a recognised partner of
industry, professionals and institutions. As a cooperative bank, it is
expanding while staying true to its founding principles. Its capital is
held by over 90,000 members represented by a number of stakeholders in
the regional economy who sit on the board of directors. The Banque
Populaire du Sud-Ouest is a general bank, open to everyone. Loans,
insurance, savings and investments, international transactions, means of
payment and electronic banking...BPSO offers a wide range of services,
advice and solutions adapted to each individual's needs.

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Bank and currency exchange

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Our coordinates :
Banque Populaire du Sud-Ouest, Aéroport de Bordeaux, 33700 Mérignac
Airport Location : HALL B , Public area
Schedules : du lundi au vendredi 9:00-12:30, 14:15-17:30
Phone :
Fax :
Website :

Our products

Acef, assurance des biens et des personnes, Aurore, banque à distance, Casden, Codevair, distributeurs de billets 24h/24, épargne, Equipage, financement, fondation patrimoine et développement durable, fréquence pro, Fructipulse, gestion de patrimoine, Libressur, placements, prêt à emporter, Prevair, prévoyance, Provair, reprise d'activité