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Bordeaux Porto
Bordeaux Porto
Bordeaux Porto
Bordeaux Porto
Bordeaux Porto

Exquisite and refined, the city of Porto stands at the mouth of the Rio Douro just a few kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean. Situated in the North of the country, Portugal's second city is inseparably linked to the famous wine that shares its name. With a historical reputation as a rebellious city, Porto's appeal lies in its preserved historical centre listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, its distinctive atmosphere and its accessibility, at just two hours from Bordeaux.

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Bordeaux - Oporto

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Porto  Tu Th Sa  Annual
Porto       Su From 01/06/2014 to 29/06/2014
Puis du 03 août au 31 août 2014
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VISIT EUROPE - TRAVEL EUROPE Mo       From 08/09/2014 to 15/09/2014
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