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5 good reasons to go to Brindisi

A Gateway to the World
A Gateway to the World
The port of Brindisi is where Phileas Fogg embarked on his trip ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ in the famous novel by Jules Vernes. The city is in fact a key mooring point, with ships coming from all over the Mediterranean, Africa, and even the Middle East.
Discover the Puglia Region
Discover the Puglia Region
Known for its round houses made entirely of dry stones and topped with little white gables, the Puglia region is one of the most attractive in Italy, and one that cultivates a traditional lifestyle and a taste for the finer things in life. Its authentic little villages will win you over immediately.
A Charming Coastline
A Charming Coastline
With 834km of coastline along the Adriatic and Ionian seas, the region is renowned for its beautiful beaches, but also for its small cliffs and rocky inlets in places. Their distinctive feature is the stark contrast between the whiteness of the rock and sand against the blue of the sea and sky.
All Roads Lead to Rome
All Roads Lead to Rome
Brindisi is where the Appian Way ends - a road constructed in Ancient Rome linking the capital with this remote area, which made it possible to send troops quickly and trade with the city. In the city centre there is a column at the top of an massive flight of steps, marking the arrival in Brindisi and the end of the Appian Way.
Delicious Cuisine
Delicious Cuisine
The Puglia region is renowned for its local produce, olive oils, breads, wines and cheeses. Who hasn't dreamt of a delicious, creamy and simply seasoned burrata? In addition, Brindisi offers a number of seafood products that are very popular in the summer.

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As is often the case in Italy, the Duomo is the central square where the magnificent cathedral takes pride of place, and Brindisi is no exception. It is quite surprising to find a Roman style monument in a predominantly Baroque region, but it’s a place not to be missed during your visit of Brindisi.

Sailors’ Monument

Sailors’ Monument

This impressive memorial is dedicated to the sailors lost at sea during the two World Wars. Built like a rudder overlooking the port, it is possible to climb up it for a magnificent view over Brindisi’s harbour - but don't forget, this is a place of remembrance and around 36,000 names are engraved in the hull-shaped crypt.

Tiempo di San Giovanni al Sepolcro

This little gem was built in the Middle Ages to house and care for the knights, Templars and pilgrims who passed through Brindisi. Despite its modest size, it has some beautiful mural paintings inside and impressive marble columns, reminiscent of the architecture of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. 

Alfonsino Castle

Alfonsino Castle

This Aragonese fortress is in an ideal location, built on an island at the entrance to Brindisi harbour, and connected to the mainland by a jetty. It was constructed to protect the harbour, primarily from Ottoman attacks. The castle is still very well preserved, and contains a incredible labyrinth of ramparts, bastions and gangways that open onto the sea.


Italian Lifestyle

Italian Lifestyle

You will often hear the locals arranging to meet up on the corso, the main thoroughfare where all the shops and restaurants are located. In the evening, though, the walk along the Lungomare Regina Margherita takes over. With its splendid view over the old harbour, it’s the ideal place to go for dinner or some drinks.



This is undoubtedly the most interesting historical city in Puglia, and is easily accessible by car or train. Imagine a Roman amphitheatre surrounded by Baroque palaces. Admittedly, it’s not easy to find your way around, but you’ll love getting lost in its charming narrow streets, which Italy does best.



This fried bread with tomato and mozzarella is a Brindisi speciality, and is in fact a kind of mini sealed pizza, like calzone. The ingredients are very simple, but as is often the case in Italy, the result is delicious. Queue up at the Fritta di Ramanelli to try this typical Puglian dish.



Did you know that this delicious fresh cheese made from buffalo or cow’s milk is originally from Puglia? In the last few years it has become very popular in France, but its creamy flavour is incomparable when you try it locally. In addition, the best time to eat it is from May to August - perfect for the holiday season.

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