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Visit the City of 100 Steeples for its fascinating history and surrounding countryside.

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5 good reasons to go

Visit the D-Day Beaches
Visit the D-Day Beaches
Travel back in time on your trip to Normandy. The Landings of 6 June 1944 took place on the beaches of Normandy (Juno, Omaha etc) and saw the Allies arrive in their thousands to liberate France from German occupation. Make sure you take a walk along these historic beaches. The military cemeteries and bunkers are also open to the public.
Explore the beautiful coastline
Explore the beautiful coastline
Your exploration of Caen will take you all the way to the Channel. It takes around 20 minutes to drive from Caen to the coast for an invigorating blast of sea air. Enjoy the sea breeze as you hike past the Bay of Sallenelles and along the Passée aux Canards. Enjoy panoramic views of the Channel as you trek the coastal pathways!
Explore the port of Honfleur
Explore the port of Honfleur
Honfleur is a stunning port city that has inspired many a painter. And you can understand why! It is very picturesque with its pretty half-timbered houses and little boats floating in the Vieux Bassin. Why not wander the little streets, explore the old war bunker and visit the museum dedicated to painter Eugène Boudin, who was born in Honfleur.
A never forgotten history
A never forgotten history
The past is still very present at the famous Caen Memorial Museum. The Second World War, the Landings, the Invasion of Normandy and the Cold War are all explained in detail here. Whether you’re a history buff or someone simply looking to find out more, the museum offers an entertaining experience that includes films, models, archive materials and more.
Sample Normandy cuisine
Sample Normandy cuisine
Grab a plane ticket to Caen and feast on the city’s many flavours! Caen’s cuisine is well-known all over France. There’s the famous Caen tripe dish, Caen cider, Isigny butter and cream, Teurgoule rice pudding, Calvados, Andouille de Vire sausage, Camembert, Confiture de Lait (dulce de leche) and more. There’s so much to choose from!

To see / do

Culture and history

The Ducal Château:

The Ducal Château:

Caen Castle was built in 1060 for William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy. Today it’s home to the Museum of Normandy and the Fine Arts Museum. As you take in the permanent and temporary exhibitions on show, you will wander through the old rooms of the castle before finishing your visit with a tour around the old city walls.

Take in the religious architecture

Take in the religious architecture

William the Conqueror commissioned the construction of several other stunning buildings in Caen. The Church of Saint-Pierre and the Abbaye aux Hommes are just two fine examples. The Abbaye aux Dames was actually built at the request of William’s wife, Matilda of Flanders. Make sure you visit both of these inseparable Caen landmarks.

In Viking and Norman times

Welcome to Ornavik, just 15 minutes from Caen! This unusual archaeological theme park takes you back to the 10th and 11th centuries. Volunteers in period costumes guide you through a Carolingian village and Viking camp, and introduce you to a number of interactive activities. The park explores the history of Normandy and well-known figures such as Rollo the Viking and William the Conqueror.


Take a trip to the cheese bar

Take a trip to the cheese bar

Cheese-lovers are definitely in for a treat. Cheese is part of every meal in Normandy and can be served in lots of different ways. At the Fromagerie Conquérant shop and cheese bar, take some time to discover a whole range of local cheeses. Try the Camembert, Livarot or Pont-l’Évêque!

Dine on oysters at the Cave à Huîtres

Given how close it is to the Channel, you’ll find there’s lots of fresh seafood on the menu in Caen. Head to the Cave à Huîtres for a perfect platter of fresh oysters. Try the cooked ones too! They’re served with Camembert, chorizo and other accompaniments. The flavours will explode in your mouth. The restaurant is on Quai Vendeuvre and is an absolute must!


Normandy veal is a safe bet

Normandy veal is a safe bet

Not everyone likes the idea of Caen’s famous tripe dish. So why not try Normandy veal instead, which is popular with both locals and tourists. Traditionally, the veal escalope is prepared with crème fraîche, mushrooms and cider, with a few drops of Calvados to finish.

Normandy’s Sablés de Caen biscuits

Fancy a sweet snack? Sablés de Caen shortbread is guaranteed to tempt your taste buds. There’s Calvados in this recipe too. We admit it’s not a very original ingredient, but the sablés are particularly delicious. And there is a surprise ingredient in there too: hard-boiled egg yolk is added to the mixture! Let us know what you think!

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