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Bordeaux Mérignac Airport strives to make information accessible to as many people as possible. If you are an Internet user with a disability and you have difficulties on our website, please let us know.


The website was designed in accordance with the following Web standards:

Compatibility with the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard defined by the W3C.
Use of CSS2 style sheets for the presentation.

Accessibility criteria

Insofar as possible, website development incorporated the accessibility practices defined by W3C (WCAG) and OpQuast including extensive best practice from Euracert and Accessiweb.

Compatibility with Internet user systems

The website has been validated on the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8
Mozilla Firefox 2, 3
Google Chrome 1
Safari 3
The display is optimized for screens that are at least 1024 pixels wide. Smaller screens have access to the site's information, with a horizontal scroll bar.

Browsing and access to information remain possible without JavaScript and an activated style sheet.


Below you will find some noteworthy features (the list is far from being exhaustive):

Animations (flash, etc.) have been reduced as much as possible (only certain advertisements).
The browsing menu is located on top of all the pages.
The format is the same throughout the website, with the exception of the homepage.
The secondary menu is always located in the left-hand column, and is context-sensitive in relation to be the page being viewed.
All content has a breadcrumb trail for easy navigation.
The search engine is available on all the website's pages.
The choice of colours is adequately contrasted for easy reading for visually deficient persons.
Images have an alternative text when they convey information.
The forms have their labels associated with the input field.
The website contains no frames, and the number of iframes has been reduced as much as possible (limited to certain services such as the destination map and the info-traffic map).

Direct access to the page dedicated to disabled passengers and/or passengers with reduced mobility.