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Bordeaux Airport

Over €6 billion in economic contribution

Bordeaux Airport's annual economic contribution amounts to €6,177 billion (data from 2013). This evaluation, carried out using the Airports Council International method uses three categories to calculate the benefits from the airport's activity in terms of employment and money injected into the local and regional economy:


DIRECT IMPACT : 8,200 jobs and €635 million
This amount corresponds to the airport establishments expenditure on staff costs, consumption of goods and external services, investments and taxes (business, land and apprenticeship tax).


INDIRECT IMPACT : €643 million
This is the expenditure by non-resident passengers (46% of passengers) on companies in the region, outside of the airport: 54% in Bordeaux Metropole and 21% on the Atlantic coast.


INDUCED IMPACT : €4,899 billion
The financial flows from direct and indirect impacts circulate and feed into different sectors of the economy. This redistribution leads to the creation of additional income. The induced impact is calculated using a multiplier coefficient that corresponds to these flows.