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Industrial activities: 3 plots in a 6-hectare development in the North Zone

With direct access to airport facilities:
2 plots of 12,800 m2 and 6,670 m2 near the runway, connected by taxiway
1 plot of 12,800 m2

With high-quality land and major aeronautic groups nearby: Dassault, Sabena Technics, EADS and Novespace, the North Zone is marketed in partnership with Aéroparc, in the framework of the creation and development of an industrial and innovation park.

Tertiary activities in the South Zone

1 wooded plot of 16,644 m² which can be divided up, on Rue Rolland Garros and Avenue de l'Argonne.
1 plot of 35,000 m² for logistics activity in the freight zone, with direct access to the runways and close to services (customs, veterinarians, assistants, etc.).

In St Jean D'illac municipality:

At "Le Partage " a plot of land of 26 000m² AS 96 et 97.

Close to CD 106 a plot of land of 5 000m² C311-C914 .

Download the ground-plan of the airport



Office space to be customized and fitted out, in the heart of the airport's facilities, with a view of Terminal A (departures):

1 unit of 120 m², above the travel agency area.
1 unit of 65m² : level 2, near the Business Centre.

Entrepôt de 673 m² dans bâtiment transitaires
Entrepôt de 492M²
Entrepôt de 458 m²

Magasin de 130 m² dans bâtiment transitaires
Magasin de 100 m² dans batiment transitaires

Bureaux de 233 M²
Bureaux de 69 M²
Bureaux de 21 m² dans bâtiment transitaires
Bureaux de 15 m² dans bâtiment transitaires

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