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The energy

marker runwayAs platform manager, Bordeaux Airport oversees production and distribution of all the energy it and the businesses it hosts need to operate. The increasing scarcity of certain resources over time and rising costs have led it to pay special attention to controlling the energy it uses.


The energy needs of the airport and the companies on its premises are mostly related to:

- heating for the buildings,
- cold production to cool buildings and for specific facilities,
- ventilation of buildings,
- lighting of buildings, runways, streets and car parks,
- office, machine and industrial system equipment: passenger loading bridges, elevators, escalators, luggage handling facilities,
- specific runway vehicles.

The energies used are electricity, natural gas, fuel: gasoline, gasoil, fuel oil, non-road diesel, etc.



The airport optimizes its facilities thanks to centralized technical management. Various actions make it possible to reduce energy consumption, and particularly:

- implementation of an airport terminal energy assessment,
- modification of settings for the heating and cooling of airport terminals,
- introduction of presence detectors for lighting control,
- incentives to use electric runway vehicles, to replace gasoil vehicles,
- use of energy-saving techniques such as LED lights for marking runway access roads and car parks.



Sustainable development