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Air-traffic info : 26th january air-traffic strike


Air-traffic is affected today by an air-traffic strike. DGAC of France requests to airlines to cancel some of their flights. Please, find below the list of cancellations :


A54120   LYON     08H10

A53251    LIL           9h45
FR7188    ROME    13H40
FR4506    PORTO  14H55    
AF7622    CDG      11H10
AF7634    CDG      17H50
AF6258    ORY      12H10
AF6266    ORY      18H30
A53201    NTE       13H10
CE022     MPL        10H45
CE033     RNS        16H25
CE044     BES        18H20
A53546   SXB       18H00

CE21            MPL      07h55 
A5 4121   LYON      08H55
FR7189    ROME     14H05
FR4507    PORTO   15H20
FR4507    PORTO   15H20
AF7627    CDG        11H55
AF7637    CDG        18H35
AF6255    ORY       07H30
AF6273    ORY       19H20
A53547   SXB         18H30
CE032     RNS         11H10
CE023     MPL         16H50
CE045     BES         18H45

Delays must be expected and last minute cancellations are possible during the day. Passengers must contact their own airline company before coming to the airport. Passengers can also consult to follow flight previsions and arrivals and departures in real-time (news feed updated every 10 minutes).

Sophie VERGNERES  05 56 34 59 29 / 06 21 61 43 55  svergneresatbordeaux [dot] aeroport [dot] fr