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Bordeaux Airport is launching a mobile phone website.


Find all the information you need so you can enjoy your time in the airport more.

The mobile phone website is available on smartphones (IPhone 3-4-5 and Samsung S2-S3 and S4) and offers passengers and those accompanying them the opportunity to find airport information “at their fingertips”.

The mobile phone site has been developed for standard technology for iPhone and Samsung (Android) type
devices, and offers travellers and their companions the chance to access real-time information, including details for all of our flights.

When accessing the content, there is no need to download an application via a store! The mobile phone user just needs an Internet connection to visit
He or she will then access a page showing the arrival and departure status of flights.
With information taken from screens inside the terminals, this display gives the flight number, the flight operator company, the destination, the scheduled take-off or landing time, and the confirmed time.

As part of its constant ambition to improve information flow to customers, the airport’s mobile phone site offers a range of practical services including:

  • Real-time flight times for all destinations and the option to monitor their status in real time.
  • Road traffic information and the chance to calculate your route to the airport.
  • Direct access to information and news.
  • The opportunity to stay informed with a news flash in case of an exceptional event.
  • A comparison of car-parks to find the most suitable for your needs.
  • Access to a guide to shopping, restaurant and other services in the terminals.
  • Information on public transport, hotels, rental cars or taxis.

Finally, there is a list of all the destinations from Bordeaux with the companies serving them, as well as weather information, available three days before your departure allowing you to pack your suitcase with everything you need...

As with our website, information on the mobile phone site will be available in English and French.


Sophie VERGNERES  05 56 34 59 29 / 06 21 61 43 55  svergneresatbordeaux [dot] aeroport [dot] fr