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Bordeaux Airport presents its future services cluster


Bordeaux Airport and the grouping selected for the 45th PARALLELE Project presented the future services cluster to the press this morning, a cluster which will be one of the most dynamic economic zones of the Bordeaux conurbation on an estate of nearly 7 hectares at the entrance to the airport area.

 Following the call for proposals launched for its development within the framework of a competitive procedure, Bordeaux Mérignac Airport Corporation selected the bid from the group consisting of Thalium SAS (lead partner and grouping President), Eiffage Immobilier (property developer, constructor), Archi Concept Europe (design) and Colliers Tourny Meyer (marketing).

The programme selected is aiming to make 45th PARALLELE a landmark complex, able to attract national and international businesses, particularly in the air technology sector:

- A hotel centre of 10,310 m² housing:

* a CONFERENCE CENTRE with a 1,410 person capacity, topped off with a ‘suspended’ swimming pool,

A LUXURY HOTEL with 154 bedrooms,

The two buildings will be linked to each other on two levels.

- A complex of offices (4 buildings in a horse shoe, 1 ‘cloister’ building): 25,900 m²,

- An inter-enterprise restaurant,

- A green silo park.

The landscape and water management represents a major part of the project, and the whole project’s level of luxury
will not compromise  its environmental

The whole project
will benefit from certification under the NF Commercial Buildings Standard- High Environmental Quality Approach. The different buildings will meet the requirements of a high energy performance classification from Régulation Thermique 2012 (RT 2012), securing a more ambitious aim than the current BBC Effinergie RT 2005 classification.

The first phase of the 45th PARALLELE programme should get underway in 2014.



Corine Petton: Tel. 05 56 34 59 30 - cpettonatbordeaux [dot] aeroport [dot] fr