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International traffic maintains its strong growth, +7.2%


In June 2013 Bordeaux Airport posted growth of +3.3% compared
with 2012 with almost 435,000 passengers every month; low-cost flights
accounted for 34.5% of the total. Regular domestic and international traffic
also increased, by +2.2% and +7.2% respectively. Nevertheless, growth was very
heavily impacted by the air controllers' strike on 11, 12 and 13 June. 186 flights
had to be cancelled, which represents a loss of 3.3 growth points in traffic
(about 15,000 passengers).


Regular domestic traffic was up +2.2% over the same period in
2012, with a total of   251,730 passengers. Ajaccio
and Bastia recorded
the highest rates of growth, +225% and +115% respectively, with the arrival of
the low-cost airline Volotea in 2012. Lille
(HOP!, Volotea, easyJet), Strasbourg
(HOP!, Volotea) and Nice (HOP!, easyJet) were still high on the list of top
destinations for June. Results were positive for Paris, the airport's main route, with a +2.2%
increase; and this month Paris Charles-De-Gaulle achieved its best performance of
the year (+3.2%, 55,700 passengers), boosted a little by the Vinexpo effect. The
Marseille route recorded a drop of 35.4% due to Ryanair's operations coming to
an end on 31 May and a downturn in the Air France service.


With growth of +7.2%, and 161,390 passengers, regular international traffic stood at a new monthly record. The Amsterdam international hub (Air France-KLM)
confirmed its excellent results over the last two months with +22.3%. The British Isles too achieved a record, with almost 50,000 passengers
per month (+8%). All traffic combined, routes into Europe
increased by +6.9% on average while North Africa
lost 5.5% of its traffic. In fact North Africa
has been severely affected by the cutbacks in charter flights: -15% in June and -33% over the last 6 months,
for all destinations outside France.
However, charter flights to Heraklion, Rhodes,
Ibiza and Dubrovnik have made the most of the summer
season to achieve some very positive rates of growth.


The traffic for low cost flights reached 149,900 passengers with +14.4% growth (+23% cumulated total). In June, routes opened
up to Munich,
Olbia and Florence
with Volotea. EasyJet is still the leader among the low-cost companies in Bordeaux with more than
82,000 passengers in June and growth of 13.1%. The company has already promised
that the orange logo will be flying new routes in 2014, announced at the international
aviation trade show, French Connect, held in Bordeaux from 30 June to 2 July.