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A look back on 2013


Fifth year of strong growth in traffic at Bordeaux

With more than 4.6 million passengers in 2013, Bordeaux Airport has seen an increase of 200,000 new passengers in just one year. The 4.4% rise in passenger traffic is the highest recorded among French regional airports.  

 A look back on a record-breaking year…

Record for annual traffic: 4,624,813 passengers

Record for national traffic: 2,794,092 passengers

Record for international traffic: 1,780,265 passengers

Record for annual low cost traffic: 1,582,445 passengers

Record for passenger traffic in one month: 470,062 passengers in July

Record for direct scheduled destinations in summer: 58 destinations

Record for scheduled low cost destinations in summer: 38 destinations

In 2013 Bordeaux Airport increased the number of direct destinations with good growth from Volotea (+137%, 183,000 passengers) and easyJet (+17.6%, 928,000 passengers), two big contributors to this success.

New scheduled flights in 2013: Birmingham, Eindhoven, Florence, Munich, Olbia and Tenerife

National and international scheduled flights enjoyed good, balanced growth with levels of +6.2% and 5.8% respectively. European traffic as a whole showed growth of + 5%. North Africa continued to slip back with a decline of 9.2%.

Domestic traffic

2,783,000 passengers took national scheduled flights departing from Bordeaux.

There was incontestably a positive effect of competition on the major lines:

Lille (Hop!, Volotea, easyJet) progressed by +82%, Strasbourg (Hop!, Volotea) by +39.3%, Nice (Hop!, easyJet) by 26.7%.

Flights to Paris (Orly and Charles-de-Gaulle) recorded almost 1.6 million passengers. The Air France shuttle to Orly, with nearly a million passengers, gained some +63,000 passengers with a historic growth rate of +7%.

International traffic

1,662,000 passengers flew to foreign destinations on a direct scheduled flight.

London remained the N°1 destination with a market share of 15%.

Two international hubs saw exceptional growth: Amsterdam +16.4% and Lisbon +21.6%.

Charter flights continued to decline (-30%) as they did in France as a whole, severely penalised by the political situation of certain historically big destinations. Of note: the trend towards transfers of capacities to scheduled flights boosted the holiday flight offering (Palermo, Palma, Tenerife…)


Low cost traffic 

1,582,000 passengers took low cost flights. An undeniable success accounting for 35% of traffic.

All new lines opened in 2013 were low cost flights. 230,000 new passengers were attracted to low cost destinations, with easyJet and its 928,000 passengers the leading airline in volume.

New in 2013

The year 2013 was marked by the arrival of Volotea’s regional base in spring and the opening of 6 new lines departing from Bordeaux as well as a new airline company.


Volotea opened a new regional base in Bordeaux on 30 March. Two Boeing-717s are now based in Bordeaux, thereby supporting the development of the hub: three new lines in summer - Munich, Florence and Olbia - and one in winter (Tenerife), as well as increases in frequencies, particularly Corsica where traffic was multiplied by 3 in 2013.


Scheduled flights: Birmingham, Eindhoven, Florence, Munich, Olbia and Tenerife


Monarch (Birmingham)