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Mach 2012 traffic statistics



Nearly 336,200 passengers in March: Bordeaux Airport has recorded growth of 13.8% compared to March 2011, with domestic flights growing 8.6% and a leap in regular international flights of nearly 30%! A few weeks after the announcement that the new airline company Volotea is joining us, as well as many new offers, and improvements to current services for the high season which started at the end of March, Bordeaux-Mérignac’s international growth is well ahead of that of large French airports (average: 6.3%). All in all since the start of 2012, passenger traffic has increased by 10.7%.

March 2012 once again shows that passenger traffic at Bordeaux Airport is expanding rapidly, particularly on international flights- 111,000 passengers across all types of traffic. Low-cost airlines, which grew nearly 31% in March, recorded more than 204,000 passengers in the first quarter. The large international transport hubs- Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, Amsterdam, London Gatwick, Madrid, which broke the million passenger barrier in 2011- have confirmed a new surge in international traffic arriving at or leaving from Bordeaux: all show double-digit growth! Southern Europe remains a popular destination, with considerable progress for Barcelona and Rome which are now served by multiple lines, as are Madrid and Lisbon: in total, more than 35,100 passengers were recorded in March on regular flights linking Italy, Spain and Portugal to Bordeaux. Domestic traffic, better than the average of the large French airports (+5.9%), has recorded very satisfactory results, especially for Marseille which, as of two weeks ago, is being served by two airlines, Air France and Ryanair, as well as offering rather attractive rates. By partnering the official launch of the summer season in Aquitaine on 4th April at La Maison de l’Aquitaine in Paris, Bordeaux Airport has highlighted the daily service linking Bordeaux with Paris. In March, nearly 140,500 passengers were registered travelling between Bordeaux and the capital, a rise of 5.4%. Despite an overall contraction of 6.8%, chartered flights have had some success in the Dominican Republic- Punta Cana attracted 15.1% more holiday-makers in March 2012.

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