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Monthly traffic up +8.3% a few days from the launch of the 2015 summer season


A dynamic start to the year (+7.1%) and the one million passenger mark since January was exceeded this month with 1,019,807 passengers. In March, overall growth reached +8.3%, driven by international traffic, as before (+17.5%). Domestic traffic rose sharply with +3.6%. These positive results confirm Bordeaux as the growth leader among the 5 larger regional airports which posted results ranging from -3% to +0.4%.

In addition to a natural demand generated by new routes and an overall growth in capacity (+6% during March), performances achieved by companies in recent weeks have been greatly boosted by a dynamic local economy. In March, congresses and en-primeur wine sales have undoubtedly boosted the trend.

International flights achieved +17.5% growth in March with 143,840 passengers. The international hubs showed robust increases; Amsterdam, served by KLM and EasyJet, was the growth leader with +57.4%, followed by Rome (+13.2%), Lisbon (+12%), London (+8.7%) and Madrid (+3.6%). There was on the other hand a slight decline of -3.1% for the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle hub, linked to the effect of a lower offering (-4.1%). Marrakech posted the best growth of the month with +82.9% compared to March 2014, with the arrival of easyJet last spring to complement Royal Air Maroc and Jetairfly. All the major European destinations showed excellent prospects except Barcelona with lower figures this month (-23.4%). 

Domestic traffic was also up in March, with +3.4% and 237,500 passengers. This increase was led largely by the rise in traffic to Paris-Orly at +5.6% and by the strong growth of large cities such as Nice +17.3%, Lyon +10.4% and Marseille +9.6%.
Low-cost flight traffic maintained solid growth with +14.6%, or 130,570 passengers in March. In the first quarter, low-cost companies recorded a total of 338,680 passengers and 33% of overall traffic.