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November 2013 traffic statistics


In November, passenger traffic at Bordeaux Airport increased by 2.3%

In November, passenger traffic at Bordeaux Airport increased by 2.3% with a total of 328,500 passengers; cumulative growth of +4.4% and 4,236,100 passengers over 11 months. In a more than poor economic context for most of the large regional French airports, regular lines at Bordeaux continued to grow by +2.4%, low-cost companies saw an increase of +10% and the Air France service even recorded a growth performance of +15.8% during this month. 

Regular domestic traffic is doing well with +3.3% growth in November. The Orly service showed a peak in passenger traffic at +15.8%, while Charles de Gaulle saw a slight decline of -1.5%, having been directly affected by the decreasing number of seats offered. Lille, which is served by Hop! and easyJet, continues to grow with +33.6% despite the withdrawal of Volotea.

Regular international traffic showed only modest growth, of +0.4%, though up +6.2% since early 2013. Fantastic performances by Charleroi (Ryanair) with +27.9%, Dublin (Aer Lingus) with 13.8%, Geneva (easyJet) with +13.6%, Amsterdam (Air France/KLM) with +12%, Rome (Air France and Ryanair) with +11.8% and Porto (Ryanair) with +10.4%. Disappointing results for some international hubs such as London (British Airways and easyJet) with -20% in correlation with the seats offering by British Airways or Madrid (Iberia) with -19.2%.

In this winter season where charter activity (3,800 passengers) is very small, traffic is down 9.4%, partly carried over to regular flights for top destinations like Morocco.

2/3 of low-cost flights have positive rates and 1/3 have double-digit growth rates. Overall, they have fared well with growth of +10% this month (+17.8% cumulative).


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