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Opening of the 2nd French Volotea base at Bordeaux Airport


On Thursday 28th March 2013, Carlos Muñoz, CEO of Volotea and Pascal Personne, chairman of the Management Board of SA Bordeaux Mérignac Airport, formalized the new status of the airline company's 2nd French base, in the presence of several political figures. Volotea has created 50 new jobs in Bordeaux and offers 12 flight destinations to European capitals from its new base.

After less than a year of activity, Volotea is pursuing its development by making Bordeaux Airport its second base in France, after the one in Nantes. Since its first flight from Bordeaux on 25th April 2012, the low-cost airline company has transported nearly 100,000 passengers from this airport to 9 European regional capitals in France, Italy, and Spain - and since 2013, in Germany, too.

Two Boeing-717s are now based in Bordeaux to support Volotea's development in France: three new lines this summer with Munich (from 31st May), Florence (1st June) and Olbia (2nd June), while the frequency of flights is to be increased, especially to Corsica where traffic should be multiplied three-fold in 2013.

The company transported 600,000 passengers in 2012 and hopes to exceed 1.3 million in 2013. Volotea will be operating an air fleet of 14 Boeing 717s by summer 2013 (9 in 2012)

"The opening of a Volotea base at our airport is good news. It illustrates the airline's willingness to continue development projects at our airport", points out Pascal Personne, chairman of the Management Board of Bordeaux Airport. "We are particularly happy with the traffic figures. The type of services provided by Volotea to passengers, as well as the size of the planes that they operate, unquestionably correspond to the Aquitaine market."

"Volotea would like to thank the management team at Bordeaux Mérignac Airport and the local authorities. We are very happy to have established these strong partnerships, essential for a good launch and for the successful development of our new operations base. We are especially thankful to our 600,000 passengers, who in less than a year have chosen our direct flights with our Boeing 717 planes. Finally, Bordeaux confirms its position as one of the most popular destinations within our network, with no less than 100,000 transported passengers", says Carlos Muñoz, CEO of Volotea.

Furthermore, Volotea would like to combine low-cost prices with quality of service, standing out from rom other low-cost airlines by a certain number of qualitative advantages in the air as well as on land, with for example the choice of numbered seats on the plane, the use of comfortable planes, French cabin crew or the distribution of tickets over the internet or in travel agencies.

Of the 100,000 passengers in Bordeaux, 92% were very satisfied with the Volotea experience. On a scale of 1 to 10, they gave Volotea a mark of 7.5 (in comparison with 7.5 for the national company and between 5.9 and 6.5 for other low-cost airlines).

 "This new Volotea base also signifies the airline company's important commitment to supporting the local economy, with the creation of 50 jobs for flight crew (pilots and cabin crew) and ground staff with the recruitment  of a station manager to coordinate all activities".

Volotea now operates from 13 French airports.

The 12 destinations offered by Volotea from Bordeaux

France: Ajaccio, Bastia, Lille, Strasbourg and Toulon

Italy: Venice, Florence, Palermo and Olbia

Spain: Malaga and Ibiza

Germany: Munich

Map of destinations

» Volotea in brief

Volotea, the airline company for European regional capitals, offers direct flights with no stopovers at low prices between European capitals and regional cities.
Volotea was founded by Carlos Muñoz, Chief Executive Officer and Lázaro Ros, Managing Director, founders of Vueling Airlines, which is currently the third largest low-cost airline in Europe in terms of passenger volumes. Volotea now provides flights to over 50 European destinations. The first take-off took place on 5th April 2012 from Marco Polo Airport in Venice, where the airline opened its first operating base, followed by its first French base in Nantes on 1st June 2012. In 2013, the airline continued its development with the opening of two new bases in Palermo and Bordeaux. The Volotea air fleet is made up exclusively of 125-seater Boeing 717 planes -