Resources 27, aiming for a new generation airport model

Discover Ressources 27, the new 5-year strategic plan of Bordeaux Airport.

A new dynamic for a sustainable, innovative airport, in tune with a changing world

It is our responsibility to transform the airport to make it fit for the future. Resources 27 draws on multiple resources: human, material, technological, low-carbon, financial... It aims to change our model by placing ambitious sustainable development at the heart of each of our actions.

We make carbon neutrality a priority

Nous entrons dans une nouvelle ère, celle d’un développement bas-carbone, celle d’une croissance raisonnée, celle de la production d’énergie. Nous mettons toute notre énergie à réduire l’impact de nos activités et à maitriser les émissions sonores.

We are entering a new era, one of low-carbon development, reasoned growth and energy production. We are putting all our energy into reducing the impact of our activities and controlling noise.

We are modernizing the airport and its infrastructure

Nous rêvons de l’aéroport de demain avec des bâtiments neufs basse consommation, un parcours fluide digitalisé, de l’intermodalité, des services innovants et une offre de commerces originale et diversifiée.

We dream of the future's aiport with new, low-energy buildings, a fluid digitalized journey, intermodality, innovative services and an original and diversified retail offer.

We create value for the territory

We imagine new opportunities for diversification thanks to the culture of innovation, to create economic and social value in line with the needs of our territory, to reveal the potential of our region.