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Where can I find information about airport operator roles?

The French Airports Union (Union des aéroports français) has created a guide on its website.

Does Bordeaux Airport SA employ seasonal workers?

Seasonal workers recruited by the Airport operators usually work in the Operations department, which means they are contracted for at least 6 months. If you are interested in working for the Airport’s shops and services, please get in touch with them directly (i.e.: if you would like to work for one of the shops, bars, restaurants, bureaux de change, travel agents, car hire firms, valet services or luggage protection companies).

What kinds of roles are available with Bordeaux Airport SA?

Bordeaux Airport SA has a staff of nearly 230 people.

This workforce is divided into five departments: Administration and Support; Operations and Customer Relations; Technology, Research and Engineering; Risk Management and Prevention; and Commercial Development.

What official status is given to people who work with Bordeaux Airport?

Bordeaux Airport SA was created on 20 April 2007. Airport staff were considered public sector workers until 2007, at which point they became employees of Bordeaux Airport SA for a period of 10 years. As of 2017, all staff members are employed in the private sector and their rights are governed by the French Labour Code. Bordeaux Airport SA’s regulatory status is governed by the National Collective Convention on Air Transport Company Ground Crew (Convention collective nationale du personnel au sol des entreprises de transport aérien).

Employee contracts set out one of three possible scenarios:

  • An annual salary defined by the number of hours worked;
  • An annual salary defined by the number of days worked;
  • Shift work, to ensure that a team is constantly present at the Airport.


I’d like to join an airline - Should I get in touch with Bordeaux Airport?

No, you need to contact airlines directly if you want to apply for a job with them.

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