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Whatever you need, Bordeaux Airport’s stores and services are open seven days a week.

Some outlets are only open on the basis of traffic.

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I need to change some money. Can I do this at the airport?

A bureau de change is located on the departures level of Hall A and within the Terminal billi in the boarding area.

What food and drink options are there after security?

Our three terminals have a host of different bars and fast-food options. You'll find a comprehensive list of all our bars and restaurants here. Use our dynamic maps to find a restaurant that appeals to you.

What hotels are closest to Bordeaux Airport?

You'll find a detailed list of hotels here.

Are there cash points at the airport?

Yes, there are several cash points to choose from: 

  • Hall A in Arrivals, next to Chez Jean.
  • Hall A in Departures, in the tour operators' area.
  • Hall B in Arrivals, near the toll machines.
  • billi Yerminal, in Arrivals.

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What days and times do the airport's shops and restaurants open?

The shops and restaurants at Bordeaux Airport are open 7 days a week, with opening hours that are adapted to flight schedules.

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