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How can I advertise at the airport?

Two advertising networks cover Bordeaux Airport depending on your needs. JCDecaux manages the billboards inside and outside the terminal. ExterionMedia coordinates the outdoor advertising space available in the car parks and by the roadsides. Their contact details are provided here.

Who do I contact if I want to shoot a film at the airport?

If you would like to use the airport as a location for an upcoming production (advertising, film, television, etc.), please contact Pascale Boisseau on +33(0)5 56 34 50 74 or at All filming and photography must be approved by the airport in advance.

My company would like to meet and greet clients off their flights. Do you offer this kind of service?

We offer a selection of meet and greet services for professionals for all types of events: trade fairs and exhibitions, conventions, seminars, sports events, etc. Treat your VIP visitors and clients to a personalised welcome as soon as they touch down to create a good impression from the get-go. We offer a range of different signage, staff, logistics and sightseeing information services.  Find out more about our services.

Can I hire an office or lounge at the airport?

Yes, you can! A space dedicated to professional events and meetings is available in the public area of Hall A. Find out more and book a space.

How do I open a branch at the airport?

Because Bordeaux Airport is in the French public domain, if you'd like to open a branch at the airport, you'll initially need to respond to a call for tenders. During this process, an operator for the type of business required is selected. Outside of tender periods, you can contact us with your ideas and introduce us to your business. Find out more and get in touch with us over here.

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