Assistance for travellers with disabilities and reduced mobility

Everything you need to prepare your trip from Bordeaux.

Booking your travel tickets

  • If you are a traveller with disabilities or reduced mobility and you would like assistance at Bordeaux Airport, make sure you indicate this when you book your travel ticket online or with your travel agent.
  • You should request assistance at least 48 hours before your departure date, so that we can offer you the best possible service and keep your waiting times to a minimum. Passengers will be met by one of the Airport’s partners when they arrive. 

To know: The airport does not take any direct requests from the passenger.

Getting to Bordeaux Airport

If you are being taken to the airport, get dropped off right by the terminals


Getting here by specialist transport or with family and friends Whoever you choose to take you to the airport, they can drop you off outside the Departures area of Halls A and B: 3 intercoms are available for you to let your assistants know you have arrived.

Your driver can then head to a carpark of their choice.

If you’re travelling independently to the airport, use reserved car parking spaces

As soon as you have parked your vehicle, use the intercom to let your assistants know and don’t forget to ask for help unloading your luggage too, if you need it.