Assistance for travellers with disabilities and reduced mobility

Everything you need to prepare your trip from Bordeaux.

PHMR assistance enables people requesting this service to be picked up from/to designated points, whether departing from or arriving at Bordeaux Airport. 

The designated points at the airport for departing passengers are : 

  • The call point in the Parc Express
  • The airline check-in desks for the flight in question (all Halls) 

The designated points at the airport for arriving passengers are : 

  • Baggage drop-off area 
  •  The terminal halls after exiting the baggage reclaim area (all halls)
  • Line-side transport (taxis, buses, trams)
  • Airport car rental agency counters
  •  Parc Express or P1 car park

Worth knowing: Requests for direct airport pick-up must be made through the airport's partner company.

Booking your travel tickets

  • If you are a traveller with disabilities or reduced mobility and you would like assistance at Bordeaux Airport, make sure you indicate this when you book your travel ticket online or with your travel agent.
  • You should request assistance at least 48 hours before your departure date, so that we can offer you the best possible service and keep your waiting times to a minimum. Passengers will be met by one of the Airport’s partners when they arrive. 

Getting to Bordeaux Airport

You are accompanied: get a lift as close as possible

  • If you are accompanied: we invite you to park at the express parking lot on the PHMR square where you will find a call box to contact assistance. You will have to pay the current rate after the 10 minutes of free parking.

Traveling alone: use the reserved parking spaces

If you are traveling alone: we invite you to park in the P2 parking lot (located in front of the terminal) while benefiting from the P4 rate (no-reservation rate).

For those traveling alone, please find below the procedure to follow:

  1. Press the yellow button on the pay station located at the entrance of the P2 parking lot to obtain your parking ticket.
  2. Park in the spaces reserved for disabled persons with reduced mobility with your badge visible on your windshield.
  3. On the day of your arrival, please go to the Parking Department (hall A - first floor - arrivals level) with the documents relating to your disability and your parking ticket so that the parking agent can validate it for you.
  4. On the day of your return, we invite you to go back to the car park service (hall A - first floor - arrivals level) with the documents relating to your disability and your parking ticket so that the Indigo agent can apply the P4 parking lot rate (unreserved rate) instead of the P2 rate.