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Can I bring medicines or medical equipment with me in my hand luggage?

Liquid or cream medication is permitted, irrespective of volume. Medication such as paracetamol is permitted in pill or powder form. You can also bring all the insulin and syringes you need on board, as well as inhalers and throat sprays. You will need to remove medication from your hand luggage at the security checks. If a security officers asks you to do so, you will need to show a medical prescription in your name, or a pharmacy certificate.

How to contact the airport?

Do you need information before coming to the airport? You can contact the airport switchboard on 05 56 34 50 50. Open every day from 9am to 5pm.

What terminal does my flight leave from?

The billi terminal reopened on June 21 in order to operate certain flights of easyJet and Ryanair. The shops will also be reopened, in particular to offer food and beverage services to passengers. This decision will enable the deployment of the material and human resources necessary to ensure the smooth running of the journey. Due to the high summer crowds, passengers are advised to anticipate their arrival well in advance.

Important information

  • Check-in for easyJet flights: terminal billi
  • Check-in for Air France and Ryanair flights: hall B
  • All other airlines: hall A
  • Flight boarding: check your hall and boarding gate in real time on our website or on the screens in the terminal upon arrival.

No boarding planned in Hall B.

 Please note that in the event of restricted resources or traffic disruption, flights may be transferred to different terminals. 

I need to take medication during my flight. Can I take it with me in my hand luggage?

Yes, this is permitted. You'll need to remove it from your hand luggage when going through security and show an officer your prescription. Don't forget it!

Does the airport have luggage lockers?

Because of Vigipirate (France's security plan), there are no lockers at the airport.

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