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Can I bring bottles of water with me in my hand luggage?

Only drinks purchased after security checks are permitted, as they undergo special security checks to ensure they are safe.

I have a pacemaker. How does this affect security checks?

Tell a security officer before going through the scanner. You will asked to show written proof to be allowed through and checked by a security officer.

Can I bring sandwiches, biscuits or chocolate with me in my hand luggage?

There are no restrictions on biscuits, sandwiches or chocolate. The only food items not permitted in your hand luggage are items that fall under the "liquids, pastes or gels" category. Pastes and gels refer to all soft, malleable items such as spreads, foie gras, soft cheese (such as Munster, Camembert, etc.), honey, pâté, and so on.

I need to take medication during my flight. Can I take it with me in my hand luggage?

Yes, this is permitted. You'll need to remove it from your hand luggage when going through security and show an officer your prescription. Don't forget it!

Can I bring medicines or medical equipment with me in my hand luggage?

Liquid or cream medication is permitted, irrespective of volume. Medication such as paracetamol is permitted in pill or powder form. You can also bring all the insulin and syringes you need on board, as well as inhalers and throat sprays. You will need to remove medication from your hand luggage at the security checks. If a security officers asks you to do so, you will need to show a medical prescription in your name, or a pharmacy certificate.

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