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Other than at the airport itself, where can I get the regulatory plastic bags for transporting liquids?

You'll find these standard freezer bags in any supermarket.

I bought food (cheese, pâté, cakes, etc.) during my trip. Am I allowed to take them on board with me?

All products containing 'malleable' substances are subject to the same restrictions as liquids. For example, soft nougat or cheese will be permitted as long as they do not exceed 100 ml or 100 g. There are no restrictions on solid food products with the exception of meat and meat-based products (for sanitary reasons). We nevertheless strongly recommend that you put these products in your hold luggage. The quantity of products you take with you must not exceed reasonable amounts for personal consumption.

How do I save time when going through the scanner?

We have a few step-by-step tips to share.

Remember to have your passport and ticket ready to show the security officer.

My hold luggage has been lost. What should I do?

Get in touch with your airline. For more information, check our airline pages.

Can I take meals for babies or young children with me on board?

You can take small jars and meals for children in your hand luggage, as well as pre-prepared bottles (glass or plastic), or powdered milk and then ask the cabin crew to provide you with water. Please remove these items from your hand luggage to be inspected prior to boarding.

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