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Can I take meals for babies or young children with me on board?

You can take small jars and meals for children in your hand luggage, as well as pre-prepared bottles (glass or plastic), or powdered milk and then ask the cabin crew to provide you with water. Please remove these items from your hand luggage to be inspected prior to boarding.

Can I make an announcement over the terminal's announcement system?


No personal announcements are permitted in the terminal. Only border police and airline support companies are allowed to make announcements.

I want to bring wine back with me. Can I put it in my hand luggage?

Yes, as long as you purchase it from Duty Free and it remains in its original sealed bag. If not, it will need to be checked in with your hold luggage. Make sure you wrap it up carefully to prevent any nasty surprises at the other end!

Can I bring bottles of water with me in my hand luggage?

Only drinks purchased after security checks are permitted, as they undergo special security checks to ensure they are safe.

My passport has expired and I'm due to fly abroad. Can I still get on my flight?

Unfortunately not. It is strictly prohibited to fly without a valid ID card or passport.

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