The Bord'Oh ! Potential

For 10 years, Bordeaux Aiport has been experiencing impressive growth. BOD maintains its position as the leading airport in the French Atlantic region

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux

The potential of city and region

Strongest population growth in France


Located in south-west France, the airport is within close reach of the City of Bordeaux, the official capital of the New Aquitaine region.
In 2016 the “New Aquitaine” became the largest French region, accounting for almost 6 million inhabitants and is described as the ‘most desired place to move to’.
The « New Aquitaine » is largest region in France with  84 036 km² (bigger than Austria!)
Enjoying the 2nd most dynamic national migration growth in France. Gironde has the strongest population growth in france : +1.2% in 2019 vs. +0.4% in France.
Bordeaux Airport offers immediate access to a vibrant metropolis growing towards 1 million inhabitants, and to a region which is proud not only to capitalize on its worldwide reputation, but also firmly invest into the future of new technology and talent.

A rich and diverse economy, international by tradition and by profession

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux

The sustainable economic growth experienced by the Bordeaux region finds its roots in both traditional and highly innovative fields.
Over the next several years, more than 10 billion euros of investment funds will support major economic developments in various fields, such as Aeronautical & Space Embarked Systems (AESA), Research & High Technologies (the “Laser Highway” business cluster), as well as the renewable energy sector.
The Bordeaux region offers innovation in numerous internationally acclaimed fields such as aeronautics & electronics (world leader in rocket engine manufacturing, European leader in the manufacturing of private jets, major player in aeronautical maintenance and specific related clusters); wood paper industries and derived products (first European planted forest & centre for thermo-structural materials); nautical industry (leader in water board sports); pharmaceutical & medical industry (leader in advanced medical research, neurology and heart transplants); and service & capital investments.

Impressive growth as the leading airport in the French Atlantic region

Think bigger, go futher ; our network’s goal and vision

In Europe (extended), Bordeaux Airport is looking to seeking to develop routes and facilitate access to the following destinations:

  • Austria & Germany 
    - Austria: Vienna, Salzburg,
    - Germany :Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf
  • Benelux
    - Belgium: 
    - Netherlands: Rotterdam
  • Eastern Europe & Baltics 
    - Bulgaria : Sofia, Varna
    Estonia : Tallin
    Lithuania : Vilnius
    Poland : Warsaw & Krakow
    Romania : Bucarest
    Russia : Moscow, St Petersburg
    Slovenia : Ljubljana
    Ukraine : Kiev
  • France : Rennes, Toulon, Calvi
  • Nordic
    - Denmark: Copenhagen
    - Iceland : Reykjavik
    - Norway : Bergen
    - Sweden : Stockholm
  • Southern Europe
    - Croatia : Pula, Zadar
    - Cyprus : Larnaca, Paphos
    - Greece : Kalamata, Kos, Naxos, Paros
    - Italy : Ancona, Brindisi, Rome FCO, Genoa, Turin, Verona, Alghero
    - Spain : Granada, Santiago de Compostela, Canaries (Las Palmas, La Palma)
    - Portugal : Funchal, Azores
  • UK 
    England: East Midlands, Exeter, Southampton, Leeds, Newcastle, Jersey/Guernsey, London SEN
    Wales: Cardiff