Limiting and recycling waste

Ongoing changes in waste regulations require constant modifications to waste management practices.

Tri déchets bouteille plastique

While 100% of the waste collected by the airport is recycled, efforts are being focused on the proportion of recyclable matter. Actions to this end are being led with the airport’s partners and customers, including waste sorting information campaigns, the implementation of an incentive rate for waste producers, and the renewal of waste collection facilities along passenger pathways.

The Airport is also attentive to waste reduction at the source and food waste, specifically in coordination with its retail and catering partners.

New eco-designed ashtrays by EcoMégot by Keenat


This Bordeaux-based social and inclusive company has developed a circular economy project which includes: recovery of our previous ashtrays, their re-conditioning and donation to local organisations or use in local events; the installation of 63 new ashtrays throughout the airport site; the social impact collection by a partner vocational integration organisation, INSERT NET Objectif Propreté, and lastly the recycling or energy conversion of cigarette butts into information displays or incineration for energy production (Alternative Solid Fuel incineration, a matter which replaces industrial ‘fuel’).