Preserving biodiversity

With more than 70% of semi-natural spaces offering an ideal host for biodiversity, the Airport is committed to protecting flora and fauna in strict compliance with aviation and regulatory requirements.


Partnership with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Conservatory for Natural Areas (CEN-NA)

This partnership is built on 4 focus points:

  • Improved knowledge of the biodiversity present on the platform (via surveys) and the link to an environmental approach in key matters such as:
  • Ensuring the preservation of the Airport’s outstanding sites
  • Protecting biodiversity (development of a multi-annual management plan)
  • Raising awareness among all platform stakeholders and the general public of the biodiversity concerns of the airport zone

Biodiversity Exhibition

The beehive

Bees are one of the most effective pollinating insects, but are threatened by various factors.

The Airport introduced its beehives in the aim of reiterating their vital role in our ecosystem and contributing to the preservation of biodiversity in and around its site.

10 beehives house up to 600,000 bees at the height of the summer season, and the bees feed off a rich variety of flowers including buckthorn, heather, brambles and linden.