Multimodal link, with a direct tram line into the city centre

In 2022, travellers will benefit from a full Tram and Technobus service to facilitate access to the airport.

Chantier 5 / Accessibilité

Accommodating Tram Line A and the bus rapid transit service (or “Technobus”, between Le Haillan and Pessac-Bersol via the airport) is part of the strategy of the Bordeaux-Aéroparc Operation of Metropolitan Interest and the multimodal mobility and service optimisation plan rolled out by Bordeaux Métropole in cooperation with the surrounding municipalities and the Airport Management Company. Major refurbishment work is planned to ease the flow of traffic all the way to the terminal doors, as part of a comprehensive accessibility project which will include the renovation of parking facilities.

Project 5
Chantier 5 / Accessibilité
The future Tram and Technobus intermodal station will be located on the forecourt outside Hall B (simplified plan).
Project 5
In order to clear the ground-level space required for the future station outside Hall B, all road traffic will be transferred permanently to the flyover access ramp which will be completely reorganised for that purpose.



|Contracting authority: Airport Management Company

. Major work in synergy with Bordeaux Métropole

. Organisation of area to accommodate multimodal transport services

. Optimisation of traffic lanes and stopping zones

. New layout of access roads for departures

. New layout of pedestrian area and walkways


|Contracting authority: Bordeaux Métropole

. Major work on networks, traffic lanes and urban furniture

. Extension work to tram Line A from the “Quatre Chemins” station in Merignac

. Related road access adjustments



(Bordeaux Métropole)

€88 million



2019 Technobus [provisional route]

2022 Tram

Project 5