August 2019, a new record with +14.3% passengers

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Bordeaux-Mérignac airport posted record growth in August: +14.3% with 834,100 passengers in total.

Over the 3 months of the peak season, from June to August, 2,430,000 passengers travelled from or to Bordeaux, a success driven by the Spring-Summer offer with its 37 new destinations, which are mainly international.

Exceptional expansion for international flights

With 583,745 international passengers in August, it was the best month of the year with growth of 20.9%. The region’s confirmed appeal for tourists* combined with good weather conditions and a destinations network enhanced by 37 direct flights explain these great results.

Holiday destinations towards the sunny south of Europe and North Africa have been extremely popular: Porto +98.2%, Fes +89.3% Marrakech +71.7%, Malaga +67.4% and Athens +31.6%.
Flights to the international hubs also posted an increase in passengers: Lisbon +49.7%, Istanbul +43%, Madrid +33.8% and Barcelona +11,3%. International traffic to Paris-CDG was very dynamic, as were long-haul flights to Montreal with the arrival of Air Canada, since early July, and good passenger figures for Air Transat who are continuing their progression (+74.5% growth).
Destinations in northern Europe have also been popular: Bristol +36.6%, Riga +10.5% or Edinburgh +6.6%.

*The Bordeaux Tourist Office also made a very positive assessment for the summer, in line with the airport’s high growth figures. The top-ranking foreign visitors to Bordeaux are: the Spanish in front of the British and then the Germans, Americans and Canadians. Bordeaux and its region have virtually the same number of business tourists as holidaymakers. Nouvelle-Aquitaine also hosted the G7 Summit to develop the international image of south-west France and its many facets, in addition to the famous Bordeaux vineyards.

249,800 passengers in domestic flights

Domestic flights represented a 1.7% increase, while flights to Paris remained constant with 91,170 passengers and cross-country flights posted growth: Strasbourg +57%, Marseille +44%, Lille, +15.8%.

Low-cost airline flights, driving force for airport's development

Low-cost airline flights posted 18.3% increase in August and 547,700 passengers. With 18 new destinations in summer 2019 and the opening of its base, Ryanair saw the most significant increase with +63.5% growth and 129,000 passengers. EasyJet also posted growth of 11.4% and remains the number one low cost operator on the platform with 271,900 passengers. Volotea and Vueling low cost companies also showed a strong dynamics from Bordeaux this summer.