easyJet reveals 7 new destinations operating from its future base in Bordeaux from 2018

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Bastia, Catania, Faro, Heraklion, Luxembourg, London Southend and Tel Aviv

easyJet carried 18.8 million passengers to and from France in 2017, with 1.7 million to and from Bordeaux. The inauguration of these 7 new lines will bring the total number of destinations served by the “orange airline” from Bordeaux to 29, consolidating its position as second-from-top at the airport with 28% of the market. 

7 brand new destinations and a new base for 2018*

In 2018, easyJet will continue its growth in Bordeaux with the inauguration of 7 new destinations, including Luxembourg, London Southend and Tel Aviv which will particularly suit the needs of business travellers, who represent 22% of easyJet passengers in France and 17.2% of easyJet passengers in Bordeaux.

From next summer, passengers will be able to fly from Bordeaux to: 

  • Bastia
  • Catania
  • Faro
  • Heraklion
  • Luxembourg
  • Tel Aviv
  • London Southend

easyJet has operated in Bordeaux since 2006, and the opening of the Bordeaux base and the arrival of three aircraft scheduled for Spring 2018 will bring the total capacity to nearly 22 million seats in France, including more than 2.2 million in Bordeaux, which is an increase of approximately 21%.  These changes will mean an additional 400,000 seats during the summer period alone. The new base will also allow easyJet to recruit 110 staff in Bordeaux.

  • Bastia, 2 flights a week, from 26/06 to 01/09, from €33**,
  • Catania, 3 flights a week, from 26/04 to 27/10, from €33**,
  • Faro, 4 flights a week, from 27/04 to 26/10, from €28**,
  • Heraklion, 2 flights a week, 27/06 to 01/09, from €35**,
  • Luxembourg, 4 flights a week, 26/06 to 27/10, from €29**,
  • Tel Aviv, 2 flights a week, from 28/04 to 27/10, from €46**,
  • London Southend, 3 flights a week, from 25/07 to 26/10, from €28**.

*Edit from the 23rd february 2018 :
An 8th destination has been anounced: Ibiza from Bordeaux Airport every tuesday, friday and sunday from 26th of june 2018 to the 2nd of september 2018.

**Price of single flight including taxes