To facilitate travel, Bordeaux Airport has installed PARAFE facial recognition gates

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Bordeaux Airport has decided to invest in a technology to serve its users: PARAFE - Automated Border Control.

To improve passenger flows, Bordeaux Airport has decided to invest in a technology for the benefit of its users: biometric passport control terminals using facial recognition technology, known as PARAFE.This system is part of a process of improving the quality of service and strengthening border control requirements for passengers on international flights.
It speeds up the border control process to improve passenger satisfaction. For Bordeaux Airport, the goal is to reduce waiting times at the control points for passengers, without compromising on security. Five gates have been installed for departures from Hall A and another five at arrivals.

These PARAFE biometric gates are used for border control of eligible travellers on international and Schengen flights. They allow for a significant increase in the flow of traffic through border control (One Border Police officer can check five passengers, compared with one previously) and consequently reduce waiting times.


  • upon exit or entry to French territory
  • with a biometric passport from France or from one of the 26 other countries of the European Union or from Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco, Lichtenstein or San Marino.

The PARAFE system allows verification in less than 30 seconds and involves 7 simple steps:

  1. The passenger is directed to an available gate, indicated by a green light
  2. Places their biometric passport on the reader
  3. When the passport has been detected, the gate opens and the passenger enters
  4. The passenger stands at the point marked on the floor
  5. Takes off their mask, sunglasses, cap etc..
  6. Looks at the camera on the screen facing them
  7. Leaves the gate and continues through the airport, once their face has been identified and they have been cleared to pass.

This system complements four new conventional screening booths which will, among other things, screen passengers who are not eligible for the new gates.

It has been implemented by Bordeaux Airport, in collaboration with the Border Police, under the aegis of the French Ministry of the Interior, represented by the General Directorate for Foreigners in France, which is responsible for the PARAFE system. Personal data is only used for the time it takes to pass through the PARAFE gate and is not stored (Article 32 of the Personal Data Protection Act).