Record traffic for Bordeaux Airport in June.

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In Bordeaux, the number of passengers has risen 13.4%, reaching 760,000 passengers in June.

The H1 results for 2019 see 3.5 million passengers transported since January, a year-to-date growth of +12%. The summer season started well with strong growth in international flights (+23.9%) and 37 new destinations, including 15 original destinations. Demand is high for destinations in the sun: Malaga (+86%), Marrakesh (+53%) and Tel-Aviv (+51.6%).
Traffic was also boosted by a major event in June: around 200,000 people were present for the Bordeaux River Festival which took place from 20 to 23 June. Many foreign tourists travelled to discover the river and its surrounding quays with many great historic sailing ships, as well as the outstanding heritage of the city of Bordeaux. Nautical activity in Bordeaux is seeing strong growth: stopovers by 57 ocean cruise ships and 230 river cruises are planned for 2019.

International flights posted strong growth of +23.9% or 464,400 monthly passengers. Many routes recorded outstanding, double-digit progressions.

The Iberian Peninsula performed particularly well: Malaga (+86%), Mahon (+58.9%), Porto (+46.9%), Lisbon (+43.8%), Madrid (+35.8%). Northern European countries also made an excellent start to the summer: Bristol (+38.4%), Dublin (+10.4%), Oslo (+16%). Germany and Eastern Europe are also showing significant growth: Hamburg (+32.4%), Frankfurt (+24.4%), Warsaw (+11.1%) and Budapest (+10.5%). The Mediterranean sun continues to attract high traffic results: Naples (+150%), Athens (+30.6%), Rome (+25.78%) and Palma (+14.4%). North African destinations still find favour with travellers from Bordeaux: Fez (+180%), Marrakesh (+53%) and Oran (+41.9%).
The spotlight is also on the excellent results of the intercontinental hubs: Frankfurt +24.4%, Madrid +35.8% and Amsterdam +4.1%.

Domestic traffic increased by +1.5%, due to the decrease in traffic to Paris (-12.5%). Corsica recorded very bright figures for the start of the summer: Figari (+39.6%) and Bastia (+20.6%). Flights to other French cities also did well: Marseille (+36.3%), Strasbourg (+26,3%) and Lille (+7.2%).

The opening of the Ryanair base at the beginning of June is also an opportunity to highlight the company's 17 new destinations since the beginning of the summer season. There are prospective new flights for domestic routes such as Marseille (10,000 passengers in June) and international flights such as Lisbon (7,000 passengers) and Copenhagen (4,000). Traffic for low-cost airlines remained strong with a 26% increase to 467,000 passengers. EasyJet remains out on top in terms of volume, with 238,000 passengers in June. Volotea also posted very strong growth.

                                                                      Total June 2019                                   Variation

Commercial passengers                            3,484,640                                              12%
Local                                                               3,471,695                                               12%
National                                                         1,492,065                                               5,3%
International                                                1,979,630                                               17,6%
Passengers in transit                                   12,945                                                    18,3%

Freight and Mail in tonnes                       13,247,1                                                   -4,6%

Aircraft movements                                    40,179                                                     7,3%