Advertising and events at the Airport

Travellers are constantly passing through Bordeaux Airport, making it a uniquely visible location for advertisers.


Advertising and events at the Airport

Because it has an average footfall of nearly 18,000 travellers a day (not including all the people who come to drop off and welcome passengers), all the advertising space in the Airport is strategically valuable.

  • Long-term advertisements: light boxes, giant hanging banners, digital fittings, etc...
  • Temporary advertisements: double-sided roll-up totem stands, tension fabric banners, giant novelty items (e.g.: wine bottles), etc...
  • Events communications: stages, exhibitions, street marketing, etc... 


From vehicle and artwork exhibitions to promotional events and tasters, so many different kinds of publicity events are possible in the Airport.

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JCDecaux Airport: advertisements inside the Airport and on the forecourt
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