Carrying on a commercial activity

Develop your business within the airport, a growing company.

Heavy and increasing footfall

Bordeaux Airport is visited by more than 7 million passengers a year (figure for 2018). It pulls in travellers from across Charente-Maritime and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, making it a fantastic commercial showcase.

Its passenger numbers have increased by 80% in nine years and it posted +9,3 % growth in 2018,making Bordeaux France’s fifth biggest regional airport, and the single biggest in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. It’s got everything you need to boost your business!

Active support for your brand

Promotional support

Promotional support

The Airport gets shops involved in its many commercial operations designed to tell customers about our stores and encourage them to buy. The Airport’s shops have a lively commercial schedule all year round, featuring everything from gift vouchers and goodies to all kinds of passenger promotions.

The famous "Boutiques Bordeaux Aéroport" label

20 outlets across three terminals, in departures and arrivals areas, landside and airside. All types of products and stores are represented, including : Catering, newsagents, accessories, gifts, souvenirs, beauty items, fashion items, delicatessens, services, all varieties of vending machines and more.

Airport teams’ marketing expertise

A comprehensive strategic foresight plan has been implemented with partners so that we can set up action plans, and surveys into customer expectations and satisfaction are done with passengers so that we can meet their needs as closely as possible. All shared commercial operations are used as teaching points. A report is drawn up for each brand and provides an assessment of feedback, a sales impact analysis and so on.

Terms and conditions for operating in the Airport

Competition procedures are always followed before a business is allowed to set up in the Airport.

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