Corporate Governance

An entrepreneurial culture with international ambitions.

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport SA (Société Anonyme, or “public limited company”) is led by a board of directors and a management team. It was awarded the state concession to operate the airport for a period of 30 years on 2 May 2007. Since then, it has surrounded itself with partners who are dedicated to ensuring the airport runs as it should.

It has spearheaded the development of the major infrastructure it operates, while embedding a culture of entrepreneurialism, agility and service. Having taken its lead from SME governance models, its insistence on good management has allowed it to implement well-controlled investments, many of them self-financed.

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport SA also works in synergy with local authorities to ensure good public access to the site, focussing as it does so on regional development objectives.

Stakeholders graph

Stakeholders graph

* Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council, La Gironde Department, the Bordeaux Metropolitan Area, the City of Bordeaux, the Town of Mérignac.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is chaired by Geneviève Chaux Debry. It is made up of 17 members, who represent the French state, Bordeaux’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and local authorities that hold shares in the company.

The management team

  • Simon Dreschel, Executive Chairman and Managing Director
  • Jean Chadoutaud, Technical Operations Director
  • Etienne Kressmann, Administration, Finance and Human Ressources Director
  • Bruno Navaro, Operations Director