The history of the airport

Key dates that have made the airport what it is today !

Bordeaux Airport’s history is nothing short of an adventure.
The adventure of the aviation industry, which was introduced here in our beloved south-west France more than 100 years ago.
It is also the story of generations of people who have worked to make our eternal longing to explore, conquer, share and travel a reality. Its success and international standing have been built on this long history – a history that Bordeaux Airport’s thousands of professionals continue to perpetuate every day.

1912 airport creation
1912 : the adventure begins.
The airport is created. The French state acquires 45 hectares of land from the Lartigue and Teynac estates in Mérignac.
Terminal creation
1930s : the first face of the airport.
The first real terminal is created.
1931 arrival of the CCIB
1931 : arrival of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce.
The French state delegates responsibility for managing the airport over the next 50 years to Bordeaux’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
infrastructure improvement work
The 1960s and 1970s : major construction work.
The French state and Bordeaux’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry undertake important renovation works, leading to improvements in infrastructure and assistance with navigation and landing, for example. In 1970, 508,900 passengers travel through the airport.
The first Bordeaux-Paris connection
1962 : first flight to Paris.
The first Bordeaux-Paris connection is introduced by Air Inter.
1970-75 : doubling terminal surface area
1970-1975 : years of construction work.
The terminal has almost doubled in size to include 20,000 m² of floor space. New departure halls are created.
Creation of two levels Arrivals and departures
1986 : the airport expands.
Two separate floors are created within the terminal: Arrivals and Departures.
Inauguration of the first national satellite
1987 : the first national satellite.
The first departure lounge specifically for domestic flights is inaugurated, with two boarding bridges for direct access to aircraft. The facilities now have capacity for 2 million passengers. Four years later, a second, international departure lounge is created, again with two boarding bridges.
Creation of a new terminal
1994 : a new terminal is built.
A new terminal is built. Hall B is dedicated to Paris-bound flights to help process the growing numbers of passengers. It is inaugurated on 17 June 1996.
New control tower
2000 : the control tower.
A new control tower goes into service, and new boarding areas and a hold baggage inspection zone are built.
New registration hall
2003 : Hall A is upgraded.
A new check-in area is created for Hall A.
operating concession SA ADBM
2 May 2007 : founding of the public limited company.
The French state delegates responsibility for operating and managing the airport to Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport SA for the next 30 years.
The car park Extension
2008 : upgrades around the airparks.
The car park is extended to include a new “P4” low-cost area.
 third terminal for low-cost carriers
2009 : start of construction on the 'billi' terminal.
Work begins on a third terminal for low-cost carriers.
Inauguration of the billi terminal
10 June 2010 : the 'billi' terminal opens its doors.
The “billi” terminal for low-cost airlines, in operation since 26 May, is officially inaugurated. (“Billi” stands for “Bordeaux illico”, which roughly translates as “instant Bordeaux”.)
2012 : environmental commitment
2012 : commitment to environmental protection.
A study into the airport’s carbon footprint is launched. This research follows on from the airport’s existing sustainable development charters and is a forerunner of the increased commitments Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport SA will make when it implements an environmental management system.
Low cost terminal extension
2014 : the beginning of the low-cost era.
Low-cost flights now make up 40% of the airport’s total traffic, so work begins on extending their terminal.
exceed 5 million passengers per year.
2015 : expansion of the 'billi' terminal.
In early December, a few months after the billi terminal’s new arrivals hall is opened, Bordeaux Airport reaches a new milestone of 5 million passengers per year.
6 million passengers in 2017
2017 : 6 million passengers.
The airport surpasses the 6 million passengers mark at the end of the year, and Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport SA signs off on a €130 million investment programme. The objective is to develop the services on offer in the airport and its infrastructure, so that it will be ready to welcome 8 million passengers by 2023.