Our partners

Business coordinated with numerous partners and operators.

panoramic view of runway

For the airport to function effectively, it needs multiple different operators to work closely with Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport SA. These include public bodies and private operators – partners and subcontractors – from the aeronautical and other sectors.

Public services

Responsibility for Bordeaux Airport is shared between Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport SA and one of its stakeholders, the French state. The state operates various sovereign safety and security functions in the airport, but it also provides aerial navigation coordination, meteorological information, and plant and animal health inspection services.

Air transport

Airplane on the runway of Bordeaux Airport

In 2017, passengers were transported via commercial flights run by more than thirty airlines, or by chartered flights from general providers of light aircraft or helicopters (official transportation excluded). 

Freight companies and freight forwarders oversee transport of goods and merchandise in a specific area of the airport, which is also where logistics for Médecins sans Frontières’ humanitarian flight missions are organised.

Tourism professionals

Lots of travel agents and tour operators provide customers with a range of tourism and business travel options for Bordeaux Airport’s ever-growing list of destinations. They not only market these travel options, but offer reliable advice too.

Service providers and subcontractors

From pushback and air traffic control to directing hold luggage, managing in-flight meals, cleaning and refuelling, the airport houses many businesses and specialist professionals who oversee the logistics that are essential to plane journeys.

The Aerospace and Defence Industry

Bordeaux Airport is near to the local-authority-operated Bordeaux Aeroparc, and is home to lots of major names working as part of this high-tech sector in the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster. 

Shops and services

From boutiques to duty free, restaurants, fast food outlets, newsagents, major car rental firms, travel planners and more, Bordeaux Airport has close to 40 shops and services throughout its three terminals.