The airport’s other roles

There are also lots of roles outside of Bordeaux Airport SA that keep the Airport up and running.

Bordeaux Airport SA works with a whole variety of private and public operators. They provide specific aeronautical, logistical and risk management expertise, as well as more general skills in industry, sales and non-aeronautical services.

These particular areas of work are not managed by Bordeaux Airport SA. If you would like more information about them, please contact the organisation you are interested in directly.

Public roles

  • Security and defence : border police, customs, air transport police, military personnel stationed at the airbase.
  • Air safety : Civil Aviation Authority professionals.
  • Air navigation : air planning, regulation and control.
  • Emergency services and rescue : firefighters, helicopter pilots, etc…
  • Meteorology : weather forecasting and information specialists.
  • Health and hygiene : animal and plant health inspection agents.

Passenger transport and tourism roles

  • Planning, security controls, logistics and aircraft manoeuvres : refuelling and restocking, catering, ground operation mechanics, cleaning, marshalling, handling and manoeuvring aircraft for airlines and stopover support companies.
  • Reception, sales and aeronautical assistance roles : receptionists, assistants and salespeople for airlines, stopover assistance companies, travel agents and tourism professionals; technical (pilots, mechanics) and commercial (stewards) aircraft staff for airlines, business aviation professionals and bespoke transport companies.

Freight carrier and logistics roles

  • Freight and airmail stopover logistics management professionals.
  • Specialists in refuelling and restocking, marshalling, mechanics, aircraft handling and manoeuvres.
  • Technical navigational staff.
  • Humanitarian air transport experts.

Commercial and service roles

  • Commercial and service brand management professionals, receptionists and commercial advisors for stores, outlets, leased properties and services.
  • Catering and café professionals.

Industrial roles

Professionals in researching, constructing, trialling and maintaining aircraft and civil and military navigation equipment.