A junction building between Halls A and B, for a new world-standard service.

In 2023, the new central building for shared access to Halls A and B will make the site more user-friendly and improve the traveller experience.

Chantier 6 / Jonction halls A & B

To provide the best possible conditions for the increasing proportion of travellers on international routes and growing number of border controls for both arrivals and departures, the Airport Management Company has opted for an ambitious solution. The challenge is to provide travellers with a higher level of service at every stage of their passage through the airport. Hence, shared access routes to the boarding areas in Halls A and B will be provided by the new central building. Security checkpoints serving both Halls will be installed in the passenger areas, where all facilities, shops and services will be designed for enhanced user-friendliness in terms of clarity, ease of use, overall comfort and relaxation before departure.

Project 6
Chantier 6 / Jonction halls A & B
The shared security checkpoint (in yellow) for access to the boarding areas will be located on the upper level, in the current gallery between the two halls.



|Creation of infrastructure and access facilities

17,000 m² of new constructions, including:

. 2,700 m² for the connecting gallery and the shared checkpoint and departure lounge access area

. 3,800 m² for the new shared hold-luggage handling and checking system

. 4,800 m² of shared waiting areas with shops and services

. 5,600 m² of logistics and service areas

8,200 m² of related adjustments (Hall B, Hall A and pier for flight connections)

9,000 m² of demolition work


|Increased capacity

. Shared security checkpoints to process up to an hourly 1,500 passengers departing from Halls A and B

. 1,500 pre-boarding travellers accommodated simultaneously in the new shared waiting area with shops and services

. 20 “Parafe” biometric recognition gates for border control checks in Hall A (10 in arrivals, 10 in departures)

. Up to 2,500 hold luggage items processed per hour for both halls



€47 million




Project 6