Bordeaux Airport, a platform host for G7 aircrafts

As part of the Biarritz G7 meeting, Bordeaux Airport hosted many aircrafts from foreign political delegations.

avions du G7 Air Force One

From August 23 to 26, many rare and prestigious aircrafts landed on the Bordeaux tarmac in support of Biarritz Airport, where the G7 diplomatic conference was taking place.

Futhermore, aeronautics enthusiasts and anyone looking up to the sky at the right time were able to see the legendary American Boeing 747, Air Force One, on board which was the President of the United States, Donald Trump, on Saturday morning. The technological and technical specificities of such an aircraft allow a landing only on a runway that offered sufficient length.

Throughout the weekend, the airport was held "in working order" to host many planes from all over the world: Japan, Australia, India, Egypt, Canada, Germany, Chile, Italy.