Drop-off area

Drop-off area 5 minutes’ free parking

Ideal for a short stop to quickly drop off a passenger

Distance from the terminal

Direct proximity


- Zone dépose-minute - See on the map


Drop-off area is open from the first to the last flight (arrivals and departures)

Please note: The drop-off area on the Departures level will be closed for 4 weeks starting January 24. The Express Park is recommended for dropping off or picking up passengers (10 minutes free). The P0 remains accessible (max height 1.90 m).

Located at the gates of Halls A and B, the drop-off zone is recommended for a parking time of less than 5 minutes.

To drop off a passenger, simply stop for a few moments on the white zebras provided for this purpose so as not to obstruct traffic.

The first 5 minutes are free.

The drop-off zone is equipped with an automatic license plate reading system.

It is mandatory to stay next to your vehicle.

Be careful: If you exceed the free time, you can pay your overtaking directly at the exit terminal only by credit card.

Access limited to 3 passages per 24 hours. Beyond these 3 passages, +10€ all taxes included/passage to which is added the hourly rate.

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