Drop-off area

Drop-off area 5 minutes’ free parking

Ideal for a short stop to quickly drop off a passenger

Distance from the terminal

Direct proximity


- Zone dépose-minute - See on the map


Drop-off area is open from the first to the last flight (arrivals and departures)

Located at the gates of Halls A and B, the drop-off zone is recommended for a parking time of less than 5 minutes.

To drop off a passenger, simply stop for a few moments on the white zebras provided for this purpose so as not to obstruct traffic.

The first 5 minutes are free.

The drop-off zone is equipped with an automatic license plate reading system.

It is mandatory to stay next to your vehicle.

Max. authorized height of the vehicles : 3,00m

Be careful: If you exceed the free time, you can pay your overtaking directly at the exit terminal only by credit card.

Access limited to 3 passages per 24 hours. Beyond these 3 passages, +10€ all taxes included/passage to which is added the hourly rate.

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