Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines

Fly off to Greece from Bordeaux with the Greek national airline.

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A3 / AEE


Aegean Airlines plane

Aegean Airlines is Greece’s national airline. It is part of Star Alliance, the world’s leading air travel network. This company’s story goes back to 1987, when two brothers, Antonis and Nikolaos Simgdalas, decided to found Aegean Aviation. Five years later, the partners secured air operator certification. The company was renamed Aegean Airlines in 1999, and slowly expanded its business buying Cronus Airlines in 2001 and Olympic Air in 2012. Aegean Airlines has been named the “Best Regional Airline in Europe” several times since 2009. It now flies to more than 150 destinations in 44 countries. Aegean Airlines flies from Bordeaux Airport to Athens and the Greek islands.

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Check-in and boarding

Online check-in is open from 48 hours to 30 minutes before your flight. On the day of your flight, go to Hall A of Bordeaux Airport to drop off your hold luggage or to check in if you have not already done so online. If you do not need to complete these steps, go straight to security screening. After security, you will reach the departure lounge.

The information is provided for information purposes only. Changes may be made at any time and without notice. Remember to check the flight schedules for departures or arrivals and the information screens in the terminal building.