Costa Croisières

Round-the-world cruises departing from Bordeaux and stopping off at all continents.. Your choice !

Geographical areas on offer :

Afrique - Afrique du Nord - Amérique du Nord - Amérique du Sud et caraïbes - Asie Mineure - Asie Pacifique - Autre Europe - Europe de l'Est - Moyen Orient - Union Européenne


Costa Croisieres Tour operateur

Costa Cruises specialises in round-the-world cruises. The tour operator boasts a star-studded list of stop-offs, from the balmy Caribbean seas to the enigmatic Far East via the ever-changing landscapes of South America and the cloud-grazing skyscrapers of desert city Dubai. Hop on board and set sail for idyllic destinations, enjoying the full comforts of your cabin and sampling the outdoor activities available on deck.