Infrastructure, services and eco-responsibility: major airport projects for 2020

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Major building projects included in the modernisation plan are moving ahead, in line with the environmental certification initiative.

satellite 3

As one of Bordeaux Airport’s primary aims for 2023, environmental responsibility is now entering an active phase, with the launch of the airport’s initiative to gain ISO 14001 certification and Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Other programme initiatives to achieve this - savings in water and energy consumption, and the building of low-energy buildings - have been included in the major airport infrastructure building projects.

Nouvelle jetée "Satellite 3"

The structural work phase has now been completed for the new “Satellite 3” pier. This is the first major Bordeaux Airport facility to meet the High Environmental Quality standard according to augmented service quality criteria. It is due to open to international traffic by summer 2020.

400 hertz Aéroport de Bordeaux

In a bid to reduce runway carbon missions, 400 Hertz power supply systems will be fitted in Hall A gangways in 2020. This initiative to replace starter generators for aircraft comes further to the fitting of the same facilities in Hall B last year. 

Parking moto

Regarding accessibility, work to prepare for public transport has been forging ahead further to the opening of a new covered parking area for motorcycles. Thus a new network construction project has just been launched to make way for the future Tramway and Technobus station which will be located just outside the terminals.